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Framework conditions

Initial consultation

The purpose of our first meeting is to get to know each other, to discuss your concerns, wishes, ideas and expectations with regard to the therapy. I will offer you an insight into my therapeutic working methods and basic principles of the behavioral approach to treatment. In this sense, the introductory meeting will give you an initial orientation, in deciding whether you would be interested in a further cooperation and could imagine that you will benefit from it.

Duration and frequency

The total duration of psychotherapy varies from case to case and depends very much on your individual problems as well as on the desired jointly defined goal of the therapy. As a rule, the frequency of therapeutic meetings at weekly intervals is recommended in order to ensure a certain regularity of the therapeutic process and to consolidate the effects of the therapy.

Target group and setting

My therapeutic offer is aimed at young adults, adults and the elderly in individual therapeutic sessions.


The price for the initial consultation and each additional therapeutic unit is € 80 (50 min). The payment will be made either in cash or by bank transfer within 14 days from receiving the invoice. Unfortunately, partial reimbursement from the statutory health insurance is currently not possible to due my educational status.
In case of contracts with private health insurers, it is possible to request a partial or full reimbursement of costs, depending on your agreed tariff.


As a psychotherapist in training under supervision, I am subject to the legal duty of confidentiality in accordance with Section 15 of the Psychotherapy Act. This obligation applies to all information entrusted to me and is in principle valid without restrictions to third parties and institutions, both during and after the end of the psychotherapy.

Cancellation policy

Since the scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of time set aside especially for you, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. If for any reason a session is canceled less than 24 hours prior, I ask for your understanding in having to charge the fee in full.